Automating Your Home Is More Than Convenient: A Look At Four Specific Benefits

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These days, home automation services are more popular than ever. Not only are security systems and basic features like doors automated, but you can even automate your coffee pot, refrigerator, window blinds, and so much more. While automation may just seem like a trend or cool convenience, it actually has a lot of benefits for homeowners. Here's a look at four of those benefits:

Improved Safety

There are so many aspects of home automation that increase your safety and the safety of family members. You can program the lights to turn on automatically when you pull into the driveway, eliminating the need to walk down a dark pathway into the house. You can let a neighbor in remotely from your smartphone rather than hiding a key under the mat and hoping nobody finds it. You can even have your system send you an alert if someone jiggles the doorknob or so much as walks across your lawn when you're not at home!

Improved Energy Efficiency

These days, there is a real emphasis on energy-efficiency, and not just because energy is expensive. Reducing your energy use is good for the planet, too. A home automation system will adjust the temperature of your home when you're not in it, so you're not wasting energy on unnecessary heat or air conditioning. The apps for most automation systems also track your energy use, so you can look back each month on what proportion of your energy went towards lights, heat, etc. This allows you to modify your habits and reduce your use over time. 

Improved Comfort

Never again will you have to come home to a chilly house because you turned the thermostat down before you left and need to wait for it to heat up again. You won't have to suffer through a cold shower when you get home from vacation after turning down the water heater, either! A home automation system will make it easy to control the thermostat and water heater remotely, increasing your comfort.

Ease Of Operation

This benefit applies more if you have limited mobility or if you have a family member who may lack dexterity -- as is common in older age. The automation system will do things like adjusting the temperature of the fridge, turn on the lights, and unlock doors from an app, so you don't have to turn any intricate dials or push any tiny buttons to operate these appliances.

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