Planning For A Security Job Interview? 4 Tips To Make It A Great One

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Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-wracking process. And if you're planning for a new career in security, you may not be sure how to present yourself and your skills in the best way to snag that job. 

To help you start your new security guard career, here are the top four interview tips for the field:

Dress for Success. You pretty much can't go wrong on most job interviews by dressing professionally and looking neatly buttoned-up. And security jobs are no exception. While many security functions can be more casual, they also include presenting yourself as one of the first or last company representatives many people see. So, make an effort to be professional. Get a haircut, show up in business attire, and be well-groomed. Be a little—but not severely—early for your interview. And leave your phone on silent...or in the car. 

Do Some Research. It's a good idea to spend a little time getting to know the company. Whether it's a security guard service or you're interviewing to be a guard at a business, you should know what the business offers, who their clients are, and what types of threats they are likely to encounter. You can get information from the internet, the job listing, and individuals with experience dealing with the business.

Prep Some Questions. Interview questions can be a tricky beast. But there are some standard questions you can prepare for in advance. This includes classic gems like, "tell me a little about yourself." For common questions, feel free to write out your answer and test it out on friends and family. Keep it short but lively. The internet can be helpful in providing many standard interview questions to plan for.

Show Your Demeanor. Security guards face many challenging situations that other employees don't so think about a few likely scenarios that you may face in the job. This could include things like angry customers, intruders, employees being released, or suspicious circumstances. You will want to show how you would handle such situations calmly and strategically. Security isn't all about guns and physical threats; it's also about de-escalating situations and keeping people safe. Show off these skills in your anecdotes. 

Getting that dream security guard job is a start to a new career and a new life. And by preparing for your interview, you can help ensure that your next interview will be your last one. 

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