3 Important Rules F Fire Safety For Assisted Living Facilities

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In nursing home settings, fire safety is a critical thing because so many people in the vicinity will be unable to navigate out of the building on their own in an emergency situation. It is for this reason that nursing home administrators have strict rules and regulations to follow regarding fire safety and must have frequent inspections by industry professionals. On the other hand, assisted living facilities are usually under less stringent rules because residents are much more independent and generally in better shape. Nevertheless, there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure the safety of the residents in your assisted living facility. 

Make sure all residents are familiar with fire exit routes. 

One of the biggest lines of defense against a fire is making sure every resident is familiar with what needs to happen if a fire occurs in the assisted living facility. You should be performing fire safety drills on a regular basis with residents and staff and paying careful attention to any resident who has individual problems following the drills. Likewise, residents should be instructed on how to operate integrated fire alarm systems in the facility and know where any fire safety or extinguishing devices are located and how or when they should be used. 

Make sure each resident has easy access to a manual fire alarm. 

Even with your automated fire alarm systems, it is a good idea if you have manually operated fire alarms installed throughout the facility that residents and staff can trigger in the event of a fire. This serves as a double measure of protection if a fire breaks out in your building. If one alarm system does not work, the other will, so there will be no question that the entire facility will be notified of a fire in the building.  

Make sure residents have visual warning systems in case of a fire. 

Hearing loss is a common problem with aging senior citizens, and many of your residents may have difficulty with their hearing. Even though fire alarms can be incredibly loud, someone who has suffered tremendous hearing loss may not be able to immediately recognize an alarm inside the assisted living facility. Because of this, it is a good idea to ensure that the alarm systems you use in your facility have visual notification features, such as flashing lights in resident rooms and in other areas throughout the facility. 

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