Three Businesses That Can Benefit From Plainclothes Security Guards

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When many people picture plainclothes security guards, they think about security personnel working in a retail environment. While it's true that security guards working without formal uniforms can be highly effective at stopping shoplifters and dealing with other criminal acts in such an environment, many other types of businesses can benefit from having plainclothes security officers on patrol. This doesn't mean that these organizations should shun uniformed security personnel; often, having a combination of officers wearing uniforms and those in plainclothes can be highly effective. Here are three businesses can should consider plainclothes officers.


Large hospitals always have a staff of uniformed security guards, but hospital administrators may also appreciate a team of plainclothes personnel patrolling the campus. Criminals can target hospitals for a number of reasons — some people attempt to steal narcotics that they can use or sell, while others may seek crimes of opportunity, such as a patient's unattended purse being left out in the open. While dressed in the same manner as legitimate hospital visitors, plainclothes security officers can walk through the halls of the hospital buildings to identify people acting suspiciously and can then either follow the suspects or have officers in the security headquarters monitor them with security cameras.

Transportation Stations

Bus and subway stations, airports, and other transportation-based locations can also benefit from plainclothes security officers helping their colleagues in uniform. Transportation stations can be rife with crimes, from things such as purse snatching and luggage theft to even graver acts such as transporting human trafficking victims. Criminals will often size up the uniformed security force in these locations, but they should ideally overlook security guards in plainclothes, which can allow these valuable members of the team to observe crimes taking place and detain the suspects until the police arrive.

Sports Stadiums

At any large sports stadium, there can be a risk of criminal actions taking place. This is especially true if alcohol is being served, as people may become intoxicated and be more likely to commit assaults, sometimes as a result of the rivalries between teams and their fans. While uniformed security personnel will make up the bulk of the security force in sports stadiums, other officers dressed as average fans can sit among the crowd, circulate through populated areas, and even wait in lines at the concession stands and bathrooms. If a crime takes place, the plainclothes officers will often be the first to respond.

For more information and to decide whether your business could benefit from plainclothes security officers, contact a security company in your area, such as Axios Security Consultants.

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