Gun Or No Gun? Private Security Questions You Should Be Asking

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Private security services, like American  Guards, are hired for all manner of jobs. Whether you need security for your home or for your night club, these services are available. However, prior to hiring security guards, you should be asking all of the following questions so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Gun or No Gun?

Some security companies do ask that their guards be licensed to carry a weapon. Clients who have big properties or warehouses that they want guarded often request guards with guns. When hiring security for your own property or establishment, be sure to ask if the guards carry a weapon or rely on a nightstick and training to overtake people. If you want security guards to act as bouncers, guns are not needed at all.

Prior Physical Defense Training?

You also do not want to hire security guards that cannot defend themselves. If they cannot defend themselves, how will they defend your property? Ask about physical defense training. Do the guards know some sort of karate, krav maga, judo, etc.? Where did they receive this training? Have they ever had to use this training against intruders or to bounce people out of an establishment? These are all valuable things to know before you hire a service and order up some guards.

Tactical Skills?

What tactical skills do the guards have? Having good tactical skills helps guards outwit intruders and stop crimes before they start. Many security companies provide tactical training to their new guards, but that does not mean all of the services do. If you have a lot of problems with people breaking into your buildings and stealing things, you will need guards with good tactical skills.

Technical Skills?

If you also want the guards to manage security cameras and computers, the guards have to have some technical skills. Some technical skills come with experience, while others have to be taught. What can the guards manage and what do they not know? Be very thorough in your questioning so that nothing comes as a surprise later on. 

Guard Rotation?

How many guards will you need? The security service company can help you figure out how many guards you will need based on the square footage of the property you are attempting to protect and the kind of protection you need. If you want protection 24/7, the security company will probably recommend at least six guards per day, in teams of two, for each eight-hour shift, although this can be adjusted if you are willing to hire extra part-timers.

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