Prevent Intruders From Vandalizing Or Stealing From A Construction Site

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Vandalism to a structure that you and your crew are building can occur if the premises surrounding it are not monitored. Raw materials and equipment are also at risk of being stolen. Use the security measures that follow to deter people from entering property that is being utilized for a construction project.

Install Fencing And Hire Guards

Install temporary fencing around the perimeter of the property. Access points will be needed so that you and your crew members can drive vehicles or machinery across the property. Try to keep the access points near one side of the construction zone.

During the day, you and your employees can keep an eye out for unfamiliar faces. If anyone enters the premises, they need to be apprehended right away to determine what their motive is for entering the construction zone.

Hire guards from a company like FCSS Corp. to monitor the construction zone at night. One guard can stay close to the structure that is being built and another one can monitor the entryway to the fencing. Give the guards cellphones to use during working hours so that they can contact the police if an emergency is encountered. 

Post Signs And Install Lights

Signs that specify that the grounds are off limits and that trespassers will be prosecuted should be hung from all sides of the temporary fencing. Add temporary lighting outdoors so that people can view the signs at night.

Lights should also be installed inside the enclosure, next to the building that is being constructed, heavy duty machinery, and storage units that contain the raw materials that are being used to build the structure.

Anyone who is inclined to vandalize the property or steal some of the items that are nearby may be dissuaded to do so once they see that the premises are well-lit and that they could easily be seen by someone passing by if they attempt to break through the barricade that surrounds the construction site. 

Use a Closed-Circuit Television To Record Footage

A closed-circuit television that records footage of what occurs on the property will make you aware of any people who haven't heeded your warnings and have decided to enter the enclosure.

Cameras should be angled toward the building that is being erected and all of the items of value that you own and are using to complete the construction project. Monitor the footage daily or request that the security guards watch the footage and take action immediately if you or they view something that leads you to believe that a crime has been or will be committed. 

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