3 Popular Types Of Glass Commercial Doors That Can Be Used For Storefronts

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The door is the first thing people see when they walk up to your storefront. And although they play an important role in store design, they can make or break the security of your retail space. There are many sturdy and secure types of commercial glass doors that you can use on your property. This article discusses three types of these doors. 

1. Tempered Glass Door

These doors provide a classic look, adding extra style and panache to any business establishment. They can withstand wear and tear caused by weather elements or constant use. You can trust these doors to provide privacy for your customers and employees because their glass is designed to break into tiny pieces when shattered by thieves trying to break into your premises. They're also energy-efficient and offer passers-by a peek of what's happening within.

2. Aluminum Glass Doors

Aluminum doors are a great option if you're concerned about safety. They're sturdy and have a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes them ideal for use in commercial buildings where you want to prevent break-ins. You can also use them with glass in double and triple glazed applications to create better insulation from heat, cold, sound, and security issues. On top of that, they don't rust or warp and require much less maintenance. This means you'll spend less time cleaning them. 

Aluminum doors are available in different styles including contemporary glass door style options and sliding door designs that get mounted on tracks or hinges. They can also be painted or powder coated with any color you choose to match the design of your storefront. If you want more privacy you can have them finished with clear or tinted glass. 

3. Frosted Glass Doors

Frosting is achieved by using acid etch on one side of the glass which gives it opacity when viewed from outside but allows light through when viewing from inside. Frosted doors are made in a variety of patterns and colors although you can also have them embossed with your company logo or name for increased brand exposure. Having these doors on your premises will help you keep out unwanted guests or strangers who aren't supposed to be on your property. It will also offer you an additional layer of security because it will keep what's going on behind closed doors more private, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. 

Glass commercial doors are a great way to enhance the safety and appearance of your storefront while providing an aesthetically pleasing entrance for customers. There are many types available that can match any style or look you desire. Working with a professional can help you select a door that matches your business's needs and expectations.

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