5 Emergencies Where Panic Alarm Buttons For Hotels Are Useful

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In an emergency, hotels need to ensure that their staff is safe and secure. A panic alarm button can provide this safety. Panic buttons are easily accessible, allowing those in danger to summon help when they need it most, even if they are quickly incapacitated by fear or injury. While the concept of the panic button has been around for a long time, today's models are much more sophisticated, thanks to technological advancements like Bluetooth beacons and biometric authentication. Why should you invest in a panic alarm button for hotels?

1. Guests Suffering Sudden Illnesses 

Emergency medical help can be the difference between life and death. That's why it's so important that panic alarm buttons have real-time connectivity with the help desk. This way, staff don't even have to think about calling 911; they just need to push a button on their phone or hotel key card and let trained operators handle everything from there. Panic alarm button solutions are key to safeguarding both guests and staff. 

2. Rowdy and Unruly Guests 

A panic button can be used when staff encounter rowdy and unruly guests posing a threat to other guests or hotel staff. By pushing a panic alarm, staff can alert security personnel. No more dealing with angry and aggressive individuals alone – simply call security or your neighbors to help out. These buttons can even be set up to connect directly with security guard services on site. 

3. Severe Guest or Staff Accidents 

Panic buttons may sound like an extreme, only-used-in-an-emergency solution, but they can save lives. Should a guest have a heart attack or fall unconscious in a hallway, a panic alarm button can be a lifesaver. Also, it can save staff from life-threatening situations like a fall down the stairs. 

4. Death of a Guest 

Encountering a dead guest can be very traumatic for hotel staff, and they often don't know how to react or behave. They may even accidentally tamper with the evidence if it turns out to be a crime. A panic alarm button will turn out helpful in such a situation, helping the staff call for a supervisor quickly. 

5. Physical Attacks on Staff

Hotels often hire off-duty officers to patrol their properties as a security measure, but such measures aren't always enough to keep all staff and guests safe. Sometimes guests come under physical attacks, including sexual assault. A panic button becomes very useful in helping your staff call for timely help.

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