Why Using Unarmed Security Guards Is Often Better For Your Business

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Security guards are an absolutely essential service that is used by hundreds of different companies of all shapes and sizes throughout America. They help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all disputes and conflicts are resolved peacefully. If you are considering hiring security guards, then you are probably wondering whether you want armed or unarmed security guards service to help you out. For most people, unarmed security guard services will work best for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the most important factors that highlight why unarmed guards are better than armed guards for your company. 

Keeps Customers Calm 

Most of the time, security guards are not dealing with violent threats or anything close to that. The bulk of their work is conflict de-escalation and ensuring that no one is loitering around your business. Often they are also able to simply lend a helping hand and point confused customers in the right direction. With a gun on their belt, security guards become a lot harder for many customers to approach simply because they are quite dangerous-looking through no fault of their own. If your security guards don't need a gun, then they shouldn't have one as it will make most of their work much harder when the clients feel uneasy around them.

More Affordable

Another reason why unarmed security guards are often better suited to most small businesses is simple: they are far more affordable. Armed security guards generally require additional training and you are paying for that when you hire them. If you don't explicitly need armed services, such as for money transportation or highly important guests, then unarmed guards work just as well for everyday tasks such as patrolling the perimeter, entrance monitoring, and so on. Why pay for something that you will never need when the alternative is just as good and cheaper?

Simple To Organize

The truth is that there are a lot more unarmed security guard services out there, and finding one that fits your needs (such as the time, location, and amount of guards needed) is much simpler if you don't need them to be armed. If you are using more than one guard, then having them all armed can really make it difficult to find a provider that can handle your needs. Unarmed security guards are far more widely available and just generally better suited to most commercial tasks, so don't spend money on extra add-ons you don't need. 

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